Kanglong MoCA Chain Catering

Kang Long Group’s MoCA chain restaurant management company, incorporated the essence of the Asian food culture into the western modern diet, such as the concept of natural and healthy eating, in the effort to thrive in the highly competitive high-end catering market in New York. To differentiate themselves from other dining concepts, MoCA decided to create a high-grade new Asian cuisine with strong characteristics and branding concept. By adopting the mentality that takes food very seriously, but without taking themselves too seriously and operating under the premise that nothing stands in the way of pleasing the customer, MoCA opened five large high-end restaurents in New york City. Together, these unique, Founder-inspired restaurants that deliver exceptional quality and welcoming hospitality make up the success of the MoCA Brand, fulfilled vacancy of the high-end Asian professional restaurant chain in the United States. With many years of mature and stable development, MoCA accumulated the vast management experience in the US high-end catering services industry and is currently in preparations for the 2017 Quanjude New York development project, which is the one of the biggest overseas Chinese restaurant projects in the history.